Emanuel Gonçalves

Emanuel Gonçalves

Associate Professor


:: Contact details

Eco-Ethology Research Unit (Unidade de Investigação em Eco-Etologia)

ISPA - Instituto Universitário

R. Jardim do Tabaco, 34, 1149-041 Lisboa - Portugal

Tel.: +351.218811700/218811758 (direct); Fax.: +351.218860954

E-mail: emanuel@ispa.pt


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Underwater Photography:


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:: Research interests

I have a broad range of interests centred on marine ecology and conservation. I am interested in several aspects of fish biology, ecology, behaviour and conservation, namely life-history strategies, reproductive behaviour, territoriality, alternative reproductive tactics, community structure and dynamics, recruitment processes and biodiversity management. Most of my work has been done in the field, and I have been interested in the comparative approach using coastal fish species, particularly blennies, gobies and gobiesocids. I am also involved in studies aiming at contributing to the monitoring, management and design of marine protected areas. I have been working for more than 15 years in establishing and monitoring the implementation of a marine protected area in Portugal (the Arrábida Marine Park).  I am currently interested in developing research on larval biology, recruitment processes and community structure and dynamics of temperate and coral reef fish.



:: Current and recent administrative roles


2013/ Present - Coordinator at the Eco-Etology Research Unit (ISPA – Instituto Universitário).


2010/Present – President of the Directive Board of the cooperative ISPA,CRL, which runs ISPA – Instituto Universitário.


2012/Present – Appointed member of the National Council of Environment and Sustainable Development (CNADS - Portugal) since March 2012. CNADS is an independent body that aims at advising Government members responsible for the environment and the sustainable development, public entities and NGOs on all matters associated with the environment and sustainable development. It is also a forum for the design and implementation of environmental and sustainable development policies. (http://www.cnads.pt/en/)


2008/2010 – Coordinator of the M@rBIS – Marine Biodiversity Information System Program included in the Portuguese National Ocean Strategy, which results from a cooperation between the Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf (EMEPC) and the Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (ICNB) with the support from Galp Energy. The main objective of this program is to build an information system for marine biodiversity which allow Portugal to have an inventory and mapping of the marine heritage, identifying the species and places particularly relevant for nature conservation to support decision making on ocean management.


2007/2008 – Representative of the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Regional Development during the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union for matters related with marine and coastal biodiversity, in particular in the International Environment Group of the European Union, in the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CDB) and on the Conference of the Parties of the CDB where he was the leading negotiator in the name of the EU for matters related with marine and coastal biodiversity.


2005/2008 – Deputy-head of the Portuguese Task Group for Sea Affairs working under the Secretary of State of Defense and Sea Affairs. This task group was appointed by the Council of Ministers Resolution 128/2005 of 16 August with the main goal of preparing, in one year time, a proposal for the measures to be implemented in the development of an integrated policy of the Government for sea affairs and for a coordinated action among all entities with jurisdiction in the sea. In June 2006, a proposal for a National Ocean Strategy (http://www.emam.com.pt/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_download&gid=54) was presented to the government together with a model for ocean governance. The Interministerial Commission for Maritime Affairs was created in February 2008 through the Council of Ministers Resolution 40/2007 of 12 March.


 :: Current and recent research projects

 2012/2015 – BUFFER – Partially protected areas as buffers to increase the linked social-ecological resilience (BIODIVERSA/0002/2011). Grant funded under the FP7 ERA-Net scheme, BiodivERsA (http://www.biodiversa.org/395), with the support of the respective national funding agencies ANR (France), FCT (Portugal), FORMAS (Sweden) and RCN (Norway), as part of the 2012 BiodivERsA call for research proposals. The BUFFER consortium is composed by the following institutions: National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS, France - coordination), Centre of Marine Sciences of the University of Algarve (CCMAR, Portugal), Department of Economy, Technology and Society, Luleå University (ETS, Sweden), Institute of Marine Research (IMR, Norway), Eco-Ethology Research Unit of ISPA, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Marine Research, Lysekil  (Sweden), Centre for the Law and Economics of the Sea (France) - PI.


2013-2015 - REEFFISH - Identifying the drivers of recruitment success in temperate reef fish (PTDC/MAR-EST/4356/2012). Grant funded by the National Science and Technology Foundation (in collaboration with CCMAR of Algarve University) - PI.


2013-2015 – ACIDLARVAE – Acidification Effects on Temperate Fish Larvae (PTDC/MAR-EST/4627/2012). Grant funded by the National Science and Technology Foundation (in collaboration with CCMAR of Algarve University) - Researcher, coordinated by Ana Faria (ISPA).


2011/2014 – MATRIX – Understanding connectivity patterns in temperate reef fish communities (PTDC/MAR/115226/2009). Grant funded by the National Science and Technology Foundation (in collaboration with CCMAR of Algarve University) - Researcher, coordinated by Rita Borges (CCMAR).


2010/2012 – Grant funded by private corporation SECIL as a commitment under the EU LIFE Project Restoration of Biodiversity in the Marine Park Site Arrábia-Espichel (LIFE06 NAT/P/000192) funded by the European Commission - PI.


2009/2012 – Researcher of the project “MARINERA – Marine phylogeographic structuring during climate change: the signature of leading and rear edge of range shifting populations”, funded by the European Commission's Framework Six Programme: MarinERA Trans-National Funding Programme in Marine Research. The project is coordinated by the Eco-Ethology Research Unit of ISPA and has as partners: Biologische Anstalt Helgoland, Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), Germany; Center for Marine Sciences, University of Algarve, Portugal; Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), Spain; Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway; University of Cadiz, Spain. Researcher, coordinated by Vítor Almada (ISPA).


:: Recently finished research projects

2007/2011 – The role of algal turfs on the ecology and recruitment of fish – influence of an exotic species (POCTI/MAR/57934/2004). Grant funded by the National Science and Technology Foundation (in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University).


2007/2011 – LIFE06 NAT/P/000192 Restoration of Biodiversity in the Marine Park Site Arrábia-Espichel (PTCON0010). Grant funded by the European Commission through the LIFE Nature Program and the private corporation SECIL (in collaboration with CCMAR of Algarve University, Institute for Nature Conservation, Institute for Fisheries and CSIC Spain).


2005/2009 – Ecology and behaviour of aquatic animals in the Sado estuary and Arrábida coast (CONC-REEQ/1122/2001). National Scientific Re-equipment Project by the National Science and Technology Foundation.


:: Current and recent Postdoc and PhD projects


Ana Margarida da Silva Faria (FCT grant: SFRH/BPD/68673/2010) Understanding temperate reef fish larvae behaviour and implications for population connectivity (co-supervised by Dr. Jeff Leis of the Australian Museum) (2011-2014)



Inês Isabel Gralho Correia de Sousa (FCT grant: SFRH/BD/80771/2011) Spatio-temporal dynamics of soft bottom fish communities and small-scale fisheries in a Marine Protected Area: use of ecological and fisheries data in the management of the Professor Luiz Saldanha Marine Park (co-supervised by Dr. Karim Erzini of CCMAR, Algarve University) (2012-2015)


Maria Klein (FCT grant: SFRH/BD/72970/2011) Recruitment patterns and processes of reef fish species in a temperate coastal system (co-supervised by Dr. Ester Serrão and Dr. Rita Borges of CCMAR, Algarve University) (2011-2014)


Bárbara Horta e Costa (FCT grant : SFRH/BD/41262/2007) The effect of conservation measures on the temporal and spatial variation of rocky reef fish assemblages at the Arrábida Marine Par (co-supervised by Dr. Karim Erzini of CCMAR, Algarve University) (2008-2013) 


Ana Margarida da Silva Faria (FCT grant: SFRH/BD/21742/2005) Ontogeny of behavioural abilities in temperate reef fish larvae (co-supervised by Dr. Alexandra Chícharo of CCMAR, Algarve University) (2006-2010)


 :: Future PhD directions

Identifying the drivers of recruitment success in temperate reef fish

Swimming and orientation capabilities of temperate reef fish larvae

Acidification effects on temperate fish larvae

Marine protected areas typologies and effects

Structure and dynamics of coastal fish assemblages on temperate and coral reefs


 :: Current and recent relevant collaborations

Dr. Jennifer Caselle (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA) – The science of marine protected areas and studies on the reserve effect

Dr. Joachim Claudet (University of Perpignan, France) – Marine protected areas as socioecological systems

Dr. Lee A. Fuiman (Marine Science Institute, University of Texas, USA) – Larval fish behaviour

Dr. Jeff Leis (Australian Museum, Australia) – Larval fish behaviour and ecology 

Dr. Philip Munday (ARC Centre of Excellence, James Cook University, Australia) – Impact of climate change on larval fish behaviour and recruitment processes

Dr. Robert A. Patzner (University of Salzburg, Austria) – Biology of blennies

Dr. Rita Borges (CCMAR, Algarve University) – Nearshore larval assemblages

Dr. Stephen Swearer (University of Melbourne, Australia) – Microchemistry of fish otoliths and ecology of reef fish communities


:: Publications

All articles are the sole copyright of the respective publishers.

Materials are provided for educational use only.



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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


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