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Frederico Almada

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:: Research interests



   Phylogenetics, Phylogeography and Biogeography

-Ecology and conservation of marine species:

   Littoral fish ecology

   Seamounts ecology



:: Current research project


Patterns of population differentiation and genetic diversity in estuarine versus marine inshore fish

It is expected that fish whose life cycle is mainly limited to estuaries and coastal lagoons display higher levels of differentiation and more restricted gene flow among populations than fully marine species. Comparisons between marine and estuarine populations of closely related species will be also influenced by other factors that affect dispersal namely life history traits. This project aims to compare phylogeographic patterns of marine and estuarine fish along the Portuguese coast controlling for phylogenetic afinities and reproductive traits. Rapidly evolving mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers will be sequenced and fishes of different taxonomic groups will be selected to ensure that for each estuarine species a closely related marine counterpart will be included. Care will be taken to include taxa that differ in their level of parental care and extent of planktonic life. We expect the results to be of use for a better management of Portuguese inshore fish populations.


Funded by: FCT – SFRH/BPD/63170/2009



:: Publications


Frederico Almada, David Abecasis, David Villegas-Ríos, Sofia Henriques, Miguel P. Pais, Marisa Batista, Bárbara Horta e Costa, Joana Martins, Inês Tojeira, Nuno Vasco Rodrigues, Ricardo Araújo, Miguel Souto, Hany Alonso, Jesús M. Falcón, Filipe Henriques, Paulo Catry, Henrique Cabral, Manuel Biscoito & Vitor C. Almada (2014): Ichthyofauna of the Selvagens Islands. Do small coastal areas show high species richness in the northeastern Atlantic?, Marine Biology Research, DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2014.889306 pdf


Robalo, JI; Lima, CS; Francisco, SM; Almada, F; Bañon, R; Villegas-Ríos, D; Almada, VC. Phylogeography of the fivebeard rockling (Ciliata mustela, Linnaeus, 1758): a possible candidate fish to monitor climate change impact on genetic population structure. in press. Journal of Phylogenetics and Evolutionary Biology.


Almada VC, Toledo JF, Almada F, Levy A, Robalo JI, Brito A, Martins J, Floeter SR. 2013. Biogeography of the Lusitanian Province and the distinctiveness of the temperate littoral ichthyofauna in the northeastern Atlantic. Frontiers in Biogeography  5 (1): 20-28.


Almada VC, Almada F, Francisco SM, Castilho R, Robalo JI. 2012. Unexpected high genetic diversity at the extreme Northern geographic limit of Taurulus bubalis (Euphrasen, 1786). PLoS One 7(8): e44404. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044404pdf


Almada VC, Francisco SM, Rosa I, Domingues V, Cabral H, Almada F, Henriques M, Robalo JI 2012. A rapid and inexpensive molecular technique to discriminate the north-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Atherina species and its potential applications in ecology and larval identification. Biologia 67(5): 988-991. DOI: 10.2478/s11756-012-0087-9 pdf


Jorge PE, Almada F, Gonçalves AR, Duarte-Coelho P, Almada VC. 2012. Homing in rocky intertidal fish. Are Lipophrys pholis L. able to perform true navigation? Animal Cognition  15: 1173-1181.. DOI 10.1007/s10071-012-0541-7 pdf


Robalo, JI; Castilho, R; Francisco, SM; Almada, F., Knutsen, H; Jorde, PE; Pereira, AM; Almada, VC. 2012. Northern refugia and recent expansion in the North Sea: the case of the wrasse Symphodus melops (Linnaeus, 1758). Ecology and Evolution 2 (1): 153-164. DOI: 10.1002/ece3.77


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Almada VC, Domingues VS, Monteiro NM, Almada F, Santos RS (2007) Molecular data confirm the validity of the Portuguese blenny (Parablennius ruber, Valenciennes, 1836) and its presence in western Europe. Journal of Fish Biology, 70: 248-254.


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Almada F, Almada VC, Domingues V, Brito A, Santos RS (2005) Molecular validation of the specific status of Parablennius sanguinolentus and Parablennius parvicornis (Pisces: Blenniidae). Scientia Marina, 69: 519-523.


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Almada F, Cruz M, Gomes C, Gonçalves D, Rodrigues JP (1995) Contribuição para a determinação do estatuto taxonómico de Pulicaria microcephala Lange (Asteraceae). Boletim da Sociedade Broteriana, 67: 43-54.


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