Ongoing Research Projects - Integrative Behavioural Biology

The main research lines of our group are:


(1) the study of the neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying sexual plasticity in teleost fishes;


(2) to understand how the social environment modulates androgen levels and the expression of androgen-dependent behaviours; and


(3) fish welfare (motivational needs in fish; cognitive abilities relevant for its moral status; physiological and behavioural indicator of welfare in fish; non-invasive techniques to assay stress hormones from fish in the wild our in captivity (aquaculture and/or public aquaria set-ups).


All research lines are mainly focused in teleost fishes as study models but we have also expanded our research to other taxa (e.g. fiddler crabs and birds). We have also recently, in collaboration with colleagues from the Departments of Social, Health and Developmental Psychology at our institute, started projects on the variation of salivary steroid levels in humans according to psychosocial stimuli (e.g. variation of androgens and prolactin in prospective fathers; response of T to social challenges; hormone changes related to social interactions and to the quality of inter-personal relationships).

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