Paulo Catry

Paulo Catry

Research fellow




:: Research interests


- Ecology, behaviour and conservation of marine birds

- Conservation of sea turtles

- Behavioural ecology of migrant passerines

- Status and conservation of the Portuguese avifauna

- Management of protected areas in the tropics



:: Current research project 

Many seabirds are increasingly threatened by regional and global changes in marine ecosystems (linked to climate changes and overfishing) as well as by heavy accidental mortality in fishing gear. Current research projects include the long-term study of population dynamics of black-browed albatrosses Thalassarche melanophris (

projectoalbatroz/) in the Falkland Islands and of Cory’s shearwaters Calonectris diomedea in the Ilhas Selvagens ( At the same time, research on the behavioural ecology of these species focuses on aspects such as habitat selection, trophic ecology, individual specialization, migration, interactions with fisheries, etc.


Research on marine turtles focuses mostly on breeding biology, impacts of temperature variation (with relevance in the context of global climate change) and the impacts of humans and other predators. This research is closely interlinked with the study and management of marine protected areas in Guinea-Bissau.


Project Arenaria – Distribuição e Abundância de Aves nas Praias e Costas de Portugal. A costa marinha não estuarina e os sectores de mar pouco profundo imediatamente adjacentes são um importante habitat para diversas espécies de aves, como o pilrito-das-praias ou a rola-do-mar. O Projecto Arenaria, uma iniciativa de Citizen Science, estuda a distribuição e tendências populacionais das aves do nosso litoral. Para detalhes ver



:: Publications


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