Rui Oliveira

Rui Oliveira

Full Professor, with tenure

(Professor catedrático) 



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:: Research interests


- Social modulation of hormones, brain and behaviour in animals and men

- Sexual plasticity of reproduction in teleost fish (in particular an integrative approach to the study of alternative reproductive tactics)

- Fish welfare and cognition

- Non-invasive methods to measure steroids in aquatic vertebrates (e.g. fish, dolphins)



:: Selected publications

- Oliveira, R.F., Carneiro, L.A. and Canário, A.V.M. 2005. No hormonal response in tied fights. Nature 437: 207-208. pdf


- Oliveira R.F. 2005. Hormones, social context and animal communication. In: P.K. McGregor (Ed), Animal Communication Networks, pp. 481-520. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. pdf


- Oliveira R.F. 2004. Social modulation of androgens in vertebrates: mechanisms and function. In: P.J.B. Slater, J.S. Rosenblatt, C.T. Snowdon and T.J. Roper (Eds), Advances in the Study of Behavior - Vol. 34, pp165-239. Academic Press, New York. pdf


- Oliveira, R.F., Lopes, M., Carneiro, L.A. and Canário, A.V.M. 2001. Watching fights raises fish hormone levels. Nature 409: 475.pdf 


- Oliveira, R.F., McGregor, P.K. and Latruffe, C. 1998 Know thine enemy: gathering information on fighting ability of potential rivals in Siamese fighting fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 265:1045-1049. pdf





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